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Steve  &  Mishelle Radtke

We met at a youth group dance when we were just 14.   We attended different high schools in Portland, and together we went away to college in Eugene.  It was at the University of Oregon where we began to learn about our environmental impact, sustainability, and everything green.  Yea Ducks!!

After we graduated, we returned to Portland and one month later –  we married!

We had been married for just a couple years when we bought a sweet little house on an over sized lot in SE Portland.  It was there we planted our first vegetable, herb, and flower gardens.  We disconnected our downspouts and turned them into rainwater catch systems.  As our gardens flourished, we realized what a green thumb Steve has!  And how much we enjoy growing together.  We shared our garden abundance with neighbors, friends, and family and were delighted to see how much they enjoyed our bounty.  In those gardens, Steve discovered that he found his true calling and wanted to grow more, to farm.  It was a really tough decision to sell our house and for Steve to give up his cherished position at the Oregon Natural Step to do a farm apprenticeship, but we went for it!    Steve spent two years with Shari Sirkin at Dancing Roots Farm in Troutdale, learning to farm.   Steve calls it Farm School.

We did a whole lot of talking and planning before we summoned up our courage to move out to Hillsboro and start our own farm business in 2006.  Steve has the plant knowledge, energy, passion – along with many other skills; and Mishelle knows about accounting and office administration – another perfect union.  As the business grows, we know we made the right decision as we continue this journey.  We fondly refer to our path as ‘The road less traveled.  We are focusing our life energy on work that we believe is meaningful, truly rewarding, and so much bigger than we ever dreamed. In 2011, we welcomed our sweet little miracle, Travin Legacy Radtke to the world!  We are over the moon with him, and blessed beyond belief.

~~~We would like to note that none of this would be possible without the love and support of our family and friends – thank you all so much.   We cannot express our appreciation and gratitude enough. Your faith, support, and helping hands mean the world to us.  We are incredibly lucky to have all of you in our life!!   Thanks a million!!~~~

Here and now, we strive to provide healthy, tasty, nutritious food for the community.  One of our goals is to create a positive experience with food – how it is grown – what it looks like in the field, how to prepare it, and the opportunity to try new vegetables and fruits.

We try to tread lightly on the earth and be stewards of the land.  Working with the earth and plants is  wonderful and incredibly hard work.  Few people are willing and/ or able to do this.

Our next step is purchase our own property and create a sustainable farm filled with fruit, herbs, flowers, and lots of vegetables. To contribute to our farm future, please contact us to see our business plan and discuss options.

More about us:

We love to be outdoors and enjoy anything under the sky.   Our favorite place to go is the beach – though we don’t make it out there often.  Together we love to hike, prepare (and eat) meals, play board and card games;  and we are striving to do a lot more sea kayaking, biking, and square dancing (if we ever have the time!).

Steve has an amazing passion for plants – veggies and fruits in particular .  He is high energy (Mishelle fondly refers to him as a workhorse and an overachiever!)  He loves the early morning (4-5 am early!); he is an absolute book worm, a runner, and enjoys yoga and racket ball.

Mish has an infatuation with flowers and herbs.  She has a lot of energy (& strives to keep up with Steve!), likes to stay up late and sleep in, and loves to cook (with Steve as her su chef), read, write, play ultimate Frisbee, bike, and is just getting into yoga.

…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.  ~Robert Frost

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