What a wild Memorial Day weekend!

With the help of the Radtke family, Robin and Scott Olsen, cousin Becky K, and our dear friend, Julie P – we planted thousands of plants, yes, thousands!!

Here comes Scott with all the squash!




Could you imagine if we had to carry each of those up the fields! Thanks a million Robin and Scott!!


The girls planted out the 7 rows of flowers, while the other amazing helpers planted out the 13 rows of cucumbers and melons.



After a nice break with lavender lemonade and snacks, we were back at it. Many, many, many thanks to Mom – Rondi and Dad – Dan Radtke, Samantha, Justin, Becky and Julie. You guys rock! Without your help, we’d be there all day breaking our backs!


Keeping up with Steve is ….well, pretty much impossible! We girls did a heck of a lot of work, and Steve named us Angels. Of course we had to do the following pose so we can be called,


~~~~~Steve’s Angels~~~~~~~~

After stuffing the little Radtke’s with pizza, Mom Radtke and I returned to the Olsen farm where Dad Radtke and Steve were working hard on getting the irrigation set up.

Next day, with the help of our dear farm partners, we planted more red and gold raspberries, strawberries, and finished the drip irrigation!! Hip-hip-HOORAY!

Unfortunately, we had a power outage for most of the afternoon and didn’t get to water them in as much as we hoped. As a result, I lost part of my flowers : ( .

Steve and I then rushed off to Samantha’s birthday dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SISTER!!